What does CAM stand for?

CAM stands for “Chester”, “Alan”, “Meg”. Alan & Meg are our first names and Chester is our last name. So many photographers use their first and last name as their business name such as “Alan Chester Photography”. Now that sounds great, but the problem is, Alan and I both switch off being our primary photographer so we didn’t want to use just one of our names. I think we can all also agree that “Meg & Alan Chester Photography” doesn’t quite roll off the tongue. Chester Photography also just did not resonate with us for some reason. 

We pronounce it as one word, CAM much like can. Before you say it, yes we really did want MAC Photography but there was another person using that close to us :(. 

Why the “Photos & Design” portion? We really feel we are much more than just photos. We try to be a one stop shop where we will take photos, help you design a save the date incorporating those photos, we will help you print them via our print lab, and many other things. We wanted a name that told you we could do more. 

Do you have other burning questions about us or our business? Let us know, we love to be able to connect with our clients and those who follow us!