What do you wear to an engagement shoot?

Great example of what to wear! A mixture of stripes, solids, and colors that go but aren’t so matchy matchy!

Great example of what to wear! A mixture of stripes, solids, and colors that go but aren’t so matchy matchy!

We get asked all the time what you should wear to an engagement shoot. The short answer, whatever makes you feel comfortable and like your best self. The reason is because if you feel your best, that will come across in the pictures!

Still want more info, okkk, if you say so. 

Do you feel beautiful in dresses or skirts but also have a dream of doing a super acrobatic photoshoot? If so, those can work together but it’s worth thinking through. Maybe a pair of bike shorts underneath could be a good solution! Do you want to do your photos in the woods, that can be beautiful but maybe you want to wear comfortable shoes as you walk in.

Did you know that you can change clothes if you can’t decide on an outfit or want a mixture of fancy and casual clothes or just more variety? You can also add small layers to change up a look (vests, scarves, jackets, etc are all good options to switch up your look).

What colors should you wear? We once had a photographer tell us not white because it’s “hard to photograph.” WHAT?!?!? You do realize that is what 99% of brides wear on their wedding day, right? You better figure out how to photograph white! What we recommend is thinking about you and your spouses outfits and how they look together. You don’t have to pick the same color for your outfits but complementary colors are nice or one person wearing solids while the other has a nice pattern in similar colors is also good. 

Not sure what colors go together? Have you ever heard of the color wheel? Colors directly across from each other are complimentary. Examples are purple and yellow, blue and orange, red and green. Other options are analogous colors. These are colors that are right next to each other. For an example, you could put you and your spouse in warm colors such as burgundy and orange for a fall shoot which would be really pretty. Or Blues and Greens are also great!

There is no perfect outfit but the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and good in what you pick! Also, when in doubt ask your photographer...I am always happy to get pictures of potential outfit selections :)

If you have other great tips for putting together outfits for engagement or even family pictures let us know!